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California , Ships to: This Hookup Adapter option will do the job! You do not need to unscrew the air valve from your hookah, you simply place it like a hose as shown in the photo. It will convert 1 hose hookah to 2 hose hookah, 2 hose hookah to 3 hose hookah and so on. This Hookup Adapter does not include hoses. Should fit all Syrian, modern and all the Egyptian hookahs. Payments must be received within 7 days of item close date.

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Pour cold water into the vase. This is the large glass container at the base of the hookah. Fill it enough to cover 1 inch 2. Leaving space for air is important to dilute the smoke and make it easy to draw on the hose. Slot the shaft on top of the vase to see how far down the stem goes. The water doesn't filter out nicotine and other chemicals nearly as much as most smokers believe. Adding more water won't make the hookah safer. Although hookah smoke, properly drawn, is not harsh at all, a nice cool temperature will make it even more pleasurable. You may need to pour out some of the water to adjust it to the correct level, as described above.

Insert the hookah shaft into the glass base.

Lower the shaft into the base, so the stem enters the water. There should be a silicone or rubber piece that fits around the top of the base to make it airtight. If the fit isn't airtight, the smoke will be thin and difficult to pull. If the rubber piece won't fit, wet it with a little water or a drop of dish soap.

The hoses slot into holes on the side of the shaft. Just like the base, these holes should be airtight fits. Some hookahs seal the hole if there is no hose attached. On other models, you'll need to attach all the hoses even if you're smoking alone. Double check your water levels before connecting. If the water levels are too near your hose connections, the water could ruin your hoses. Check the air flow. Place your hand on top of the hookah stem to block air from entering the hookah. Try to inhale through a hose. If you can get any air, one of the connections is not airtight.

Check them all for tight fits and rubber or silicone seals. If you're missing a seal, look for "hookah grommets" to find a replacement. Tightly wrapped athletic tape can make a temporarily, mostly airtight seal.

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Position the metal tray on top of the hookah shaft. This tray catches hot embers and excess tobacco if and when they fall.

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Shisha is just tobacco packed in liquids that add flavor and thick smoke. These liquids tend to settle to the bottom, so give it a quick stir to spread them around. For your first time smoking a hookah, consider using tobacco-free hookah molasses to practice the setup. Tobacco can be very harsh if you make a mistake. Sample several to see what you like as a novice hookah smoker. Break up the shisha and place it in the bowl.

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Fluff up pieces of shisha and drop them in the bowl. Press lightly down to make a flat layer without compacting the tobacco. It should stay fairly loose so air can easily flow through it. Cover with heavy-duty foil. Lay a piece of heavy-duty foil over the bowl, stretching it taut. Crimp it around the edges to secure.

If you only have standard duty foil, use two layers. You can use a charcoal screen sold for this purpose instead, but most users prefer the foil. Place the bowl on top of the hookah shaft. This should fit securely into another rubber piece, for an airtight fit. Poke several holes through the foil. Using a toothpick or paper clip, poke about 12—15 holes through the foil surface.

If you have trouble pulling air, add more holes. Some people like to poke all the way through the shisha to provide channels for heat and air. Light two or three coals.

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There are two types of coals used for hookah. Follow these instructions depending on which one you have: Hold with tongs over a nonflammable area. Light with a lighter or match until it stops smoking, then wait 10—30 seconds until covered in light gray ash and glowing orange.

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These are convenient, but give a worse, shorter smoke. The fitting should be airtight.


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Place the metal tray over the top of the hookah stem. Depending on your hookah model, the tray may either fit loosely or snap into place. Some smaller hookahs come with affixed trays. Insert hose end with hose gasket into hose port on hookah stem. If your hookah model comes with an air release valve, unscrew it to make sure there is a ball bearing inside. Screw the valve back on. The air release valve is usually positioned opposite the hose port on the hookah stem. Check the air flow on your hookah by putting your hand over the top of the hookah stem and sucking in with the hose.

There should be little to no air intake. If your hookah model has a check valve, with your hand still on top of the hookah stem, blow through the hose.