Dating a male rape victim

But her body and mind would do strange things when they were together.

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Sometimes she felt as if she was separate from her body, which would shake and shake after seeing him. This was a full-body shaking, more like a quake than a shiver. This must just be how it was, she thought. It took Marissa Korbel more than a decade to view what had happened to her not as an affair, but as assault. Even today, Korbel finds herself sometimes re-experiencing the bodily dissociation that she first encountered with her assaulter.

Revisiting this trauma is a way for her to try to understand it.

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You might also be interested in: Labelling of unwanted sexual experiences is generally a gradual process , and one of the hallmarks of PTSD is emotional or behavioural avoidance of reminders of the trauma. View image of It takes most survivors of assault time to acknowledge what happened to them. Not only is there no link between how quickly someone reports an assault and how genuine this allegation is, but a number of social and psychological factors keep assault survivors from processing their experiences immediately.

Legally, definitions vary by country, even by state. In the US, meanwhile, the age of consent is 14 in Missouri if the other person is 20 years old or younger. But in its next-door neighbour Illinois, the age of consent is These varied laws reflect an equally confused — and evolving — cultural understanding of what rape is.

And those narratives themselves can make someone even more unsure of what they experienced. View image of There are different definitions of sexual assault. The brain, after all, categorises experiences according to what we have been taught about what they mean. But one of the biggest problems with this narrative is that it is a myth. Rape not only includes a number of other circumstances, but it usually is a different circumstance, than the stranger-in-an-alley story.

Their bodies had responded in a biologically normal way to a threat.

Dissociation , which Korbel first experienced as a teenager, is another unsurprising automatic response to threat. View image of Dissociation is a common response to trauma.

The brain may dissociate to help a survivor get through the moment. But it also makes them less likely to fight back. Another cultural script is that only women and girls can be sexually assaulted. A study conducted by Peterson and colleagues asked men to complete an online questionnaire about their sexual experiences.

Matthew Hayes, who lives in California, understands how hard it is to use that word. But his girlfriend was usually coercive rather than physically violent, which is why he resisted thinking of it as rape. Hayes remembers three particular incidents when his ex-girlfriend was both high and threatening. The second was that she had a knife, and threatened to cut herself throughout the course of the night unless we had sex.

Rape of males

At the end of the night, though, we got separated. It was a spur of the moment thing. I was drunk and, at the time, it seemed like no big deal to go for one more drink, then head home. I guess I just thought we were heading to the bar, but seven or eight of us ended up in a hotel room.

Slowly, people drifted off until it was just me and two other guys. I was about to go home, thinking my girlfriend would be worrying about me by now. But the men persuaded me to stay for another. Many people have asked me why. The whole thing is a blur. All I remember is just trying to block out that it was even happening. The next thing I remember was waking up, leaving the hotel and walking home.

It was about 8am. I was on autopilot. I even stopped at the cash machine to get my rent money out. I felt a sudden urge to throw myself off that bridge. Somehow, I kept walking. I told my girlfriend and friend everything. They were shocked and confused. We sat on the sofa and my girlfriend called my mum and put her on loudspeaker.

Mum calmed everyone down and said I had to report what had happened.

I’m talking about male rape to encourage other victims of sexual abuse to do the same - BBC Three

According to the most recent government statistics , 75, men are estimated to be victims of sexual assault or attempted assault each year, with 9, men estimated to be victims of rape or attempted rape. Personally, all I wanted to do was get in the shower and wash the smell of the men off me - the smell of someone else. I felt dirty and ashamed but my mum persuaded me I should go to the police immediately.

So we all went. My girlfriend and best mate both came with me. At midnight, I was finally allowed to shower that smell off me.

Why most rape victims never acknowledge what happened

That night I went to stay with my parents back in Newark. I found myself just sitting down in the shower for hours, trying to wash everything away. I thought if I filled up my days and avoided thinking about the rape, I could move on. I ended up physically and mentally exhausted just trying to pretend I had a normal life. After a month, I went back to Manchester and began trying to restart my life. I forced myself to have sex, but the truth was that even kissing someone was difficult.

Sadly, about two months later, my girlfriend and I broke up.