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And there has been so much discussion about the relationships between black men and black women, particularly. And as a side conversation, the relationships that black men and women have with people outside the race. And I'm just interested in your perspective on that. I'm asked a lot, with regard to race, because as you mentioned, I'm African-American, and with regard to, I'll call it the ethnicity issue, is that - one thing I've found is that love comes in unexpected packages.

That's one thing that is tried and true throughout all of the matchmaking that we've done, throughout all the research that we do, throughout all of our affiliations, is love comes in unexpected packages. I never, never, never, never would peg any of my clients to one particular ethnicity.

A matter of fact, when clients come to me, and they have their, you know, their list of 27, 50, items, right, typically race is somewhere in the top, I'd say five or six. And that's something that I try to play devil's advocate on and I'm typically successful at that. All races generally assume that they'd be most compatible with someone from the same race. But what about the low marriage rate among African-Americans in general? I mean, until the s, African-Americans had a higher marriage rate than whites did.

When you look at the numbers, one thing you have to look at is that the marriage rate is a precipitous drop across the board. All ethnicities in the United States are looking at this. Not only that, but the belief around marriage is significantly dropping. But where is it dropping, is the question.

It's not necessarily dropping just in the African-American space. Where it's dropping is among socioeconomic groups. If you look at the top 12 percent socioeconomic in the United States, black, white, green, yellow, marriage and the belief of marriage has never been higher than it is now. Where it's dropping is it's dropping in the middle class and it's dropping in the lower socioeconomic rungs of this country.

And that is an issue because when social scientists project out to , , they can actually see a flatline in marriage, you know, down to zero percent.

So what you're saying is the more successful and affluent you are, the more likely you are to be married. Well, marriage amongst the middle in socioeconomic classes of this country is facing attack. If you look at pop culture, media, where do you see positive images of marriage? When do you pick up the newspaper, when do you - you know, you go onto your favorite blog and you see information and you're inundated with positive information, reinforcement, around couples and marriage and the strength of it and the positivity of it?

What you do is you see what the divorce rate is.

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What you do is you see the percentage of black women that are single. What you do is you see what the marriage rate is dropping to. And so I think that this topic of marriage is critical because I can't think of any other act in your life that is more important than the quest for your significant other.

You know, my wife and I just had our first child and I can tell you that the act of my wife and I courting and wooing each other and coming - becoming one was - is the foundation for everything else in our life.

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  5. So you have some element, right, of our life that is of high significance that's facing attack in this country. I mean, that's a big issue. I'm speaking with Paul Carrick Brunson. He is a matchmaker and a dating coach and he's talking with us about dating in the modern age. Will you match same-sex couples or same-sex - same gender loving individuals? Will you match them? Do you find any difference in the techniques that it takes to get people properly matched?

    Well, I'd say, I mean, I am a heterosexual male, so when it relates to - when you were talking about homosexual individuals, it's a challenge that I do have. But one thing that I will say is that there's a bit of science, there's a bit of art to matchmaking. If you look at the common denominator in successful relationships, not just marriages, I'm talking about successful relationships, there are commonalities. The ability to communicate. The ability to resolve conflict.

    These are things that are indisputable, right? So when you look at the courting process, you look at the whole match -the initial dating phase, values should be the largest component of that.

    And what's interesting with my clients is I'll ask them, I'll say, you know, what are your values? Prioritize - and that's a deep question, to look at, wow, what are my values? What are the guiding principles of my life? Well, you know, the first question is one of self, right? You know, Psychology Today did a really good study on this. I think there is a - it's one out of five of us are impacted by negative, you know, pathology, right? So in other words, there's a significant number of us that are not even ready to begin the dating process. So the very first question that I ask when someone comes to me is, do you love yourself?

    Once we get around that, okay, the very first thing is to look at how we can optimize the number of men or women that they're meeting.

    Matchmaking Guru Knows No Boundaries

    You know, social media is a great tool. You know, online dating is a great tool. There are various places where you can actually meet a higher number of people that are aligned with your values. So I think there are many ways that we have been very successful with in increasing the number of possible mates that people are meeting. I have a question from the control room, from somebody who is in your demographic, I would say.

    And this is a question I've heard from people who work on my staff, who are in their 20s and early 30s.

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    They say, why is it so hard to find people, to have quality relationships? And I hear this - I have to tell you, I hear this from both men and women. And who presumably aren't just looking for the hookup. Do you hear that from both men and women, and why is that?

    I live between Washington D. And those are known as probably the mecca, right, of the single folks. And then you have other cities, you know, Los Angeles as well. Social scientists have many, many reasons. There's mobility, right, the fact that more people are moving for reasons other than family. You know, how many people do you know that have moved to Washington D. I lived in Salt Lake City, Utah for a while and I could name many, many people that move there for family first, right?

    So I think that the mobility and the drive around mobility is big. Perception - we were talking about marriage and whether or not marriage is even - is there any value, right, to marriage? I mean, you get active and you make sure that you put in the hard work. I think that's probably the number one reason, is that - you know, I think about growing up.

    You know, my parents instilled in me, you know, you work incredibly hard for your career, you work incredibly hard for your education. But there was no conversation around relationships and how hard you're supposed to work. Relationships are hard work.

    You know, I mentioned that I've been married for 10 years. Every day is hard work. And so I think that's the common thread, is that it's hard work. So that means that you being, you know, methodical, right, about, okay, where am I going to go, you know, spending significant time, right, with your online sites, expanding your social circles and your value circles so you can be introduced to more people, right, being in love with yourself unconditionally, right?

    All of this, all of these things take hard work. Well, I think a lot of people would say a lot of men in D. Well, one of our - one of our single folks wants to know what it costs, what your services cost. And if you don't want to just say yourself, matchmaking, date coaching, what does that cost? So matchmaking is fairly pricey, right? So you think of it in rungs, right? You have online dating as kind of the lower end, then you have dating services, the big brick and mortar companies, that's kind of the middle tier, and then matchmakers are the specialists.

    Matchmaking - Hearthstone Wiki. Matchmaking is the process of determining appropriate pairings in Hearthstone.

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    The matchmaking process functions differently for each game mode. Casual Play mode, Ranked Play mode at Legend rank, and non-cooperative Tavern Brawls determine pairings using each player's matchmaking rating. This matchmaking is done on the basis of the nakshatras and matches the horoscope on a point match theory depending upon 8 different characteristics.

    For the Kundli to match, it should obtain a minimum of 18 points or more in the test. Match Making Guru Contact Us. Please Enter your Password. Existing User - Login. Betsy Russell interviewed by gina Hendrix, matchmaking guru. Betsy being interviewed by Gina Hendrix matchmaking guru, talking about dating, beauty tips and more.

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